Techo Autowater

Keep germs from spreading and also conserve water with Techo Autowater touchless smart faucet adapter.

This device helps reduce the consumption of water, and also helps to prevent the spread of germs. It has an attractive casing made of aluminum that looks great in many places. It is easy to install, and has motion sensors that sense movement at night to help you get your water easily in the dark. It has a powerful battery which can be wirelessly charged, and lasts 8 to 10 months per charge.

Techo Autowater has a range of faucet adapters for the kitchen or the bathroom, which make your regular faucet automatic.

Easy Replacement

Techo Autowater has a range of faucet adapters that bring home the luxury and convenience of an automatic tap. Easily turn your old taps into smart faucets with this device. Click into place your Techo Autowater adapter, and begin your journey to conserve water at home.

Techo Autowater makes the use of water clean, fast and effortless regardless of what you are doing. It has two sensors, one at the bottom and one on the side. The bottom sensor is for short bursts, while the side sensor is for longer bursts.

Prevent the spread of germs in the house.

There are millions of bacteria and germs living in kitchens and bathrooms. These germs and bacteria can cause many illnesses. With Techo Autowater you don’t need to touch the faucet when you are washing stuff. This helps reduce the spread of germs. It is especially useful in busy households with children.

Keep your faucet clean while making messy dishes, preparing meat, cleaning, etc. with this device.

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