Security at Home

Home security is very important, as it keeps not only you but also your family and belongings safe. Therefore you need to install the best security systems in your home. In addition, you need to practice sound security principles. I think the best security systems have an element of mystery to an intruder. That is, if an intruder can’t tell what your security system can do, he can’t disable it. He will definitely get caught, if he tries to steal from you. You should therefore implement a combination of different security systems and techniques, making sure to keep the details as private as possible.
The key to keeping out intruders from your home is to have a good security system in place, and to keep its inner workings secret. Having a good security system installed at home could practically save your life, not just your belongings. So, don’t take security at home for granted. It could make the difference between life and death.
Having a security system that is both private and public gives you many advantages. Making it private, means keeping the most essential parts of your security setup secret, so that a bugler cannot anticipate the defenses you have in place, and cannot counter them. Making it public means using warning signs, security cameras, alarms and other openly visible means to scare away criminal. If you’re an animal lover, you could also add guard dogs to your home security system.
It is good to get a trusted security expert from a reputed company to help you plan your home security. He can help you plant your security devices at the right place to prevent them from raising false alarms, and to prevent intruders from locating and disabling them.

Some simple things you can do to increase your security at home.

Make sure to properly lock all your doors and windows when you are leaving the house, and also when you go to bed at night. Make sure you doors are made of strong wood or metal that will not break easily if someone tries to force their way in. Ensure your doors have peepholes that are low enough for everyone in the house to look through, and be able to see a large area outside the door. Make sure all locks are in good working order and cannot be easily opened with a little force.
If you have to leave keys behind for another person in the house, make sure to leave them behind with someone you trust. Do not hide them on the compound, as someone else may spot you hiding the keys, even when you think nobody is watching. If that person is a bugler spying on you, you will have given him free access to your home.
Make sure dark places are well illuminated at night with bright light. This will help you see people when they come into the house at night. Also, if you have a security camera installed, this will help your security camera take good footage of the intruder’s activities.
Make sure lights are working properly. If there are dead bulbs, replace them as soon as possible. If possible, provide a backup power source for your home security system, located in a secure and safe place where an intruder won’t be able to gain access. This is to ensure that an intruder won’t be able to disarm your security system by merely cutting your power lines.
Weed bushes and prune shrubs to ensure you leave no places for an intruder to hide. If you have trees growing at home, you may also want to trim them to ensure that no one can hide in their branches.
Have your house number properly painted, so that in the case that you need help from the authorities like the police, fire services, ambulance services, or any emergency response unit, you can easily be located.

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