Ring Wi-Fi Video Enabled Doorbell


This is a security device that helps you keep an eye on your home, even when you travel. Answer your door bell from anywhere, keep an eye on packages delivered to your doorsteps, prevent intrusion and burglary before it happens, and keep unwanted guests away with the help of this device.


With this device, you are able to converse with, and see the person standing at your door on your PC, smart phone or tablet. You can watch your home in good quality HD video with noise reduction in sound. This helps you act promptly when there is an intruder at your door. You get an alert in the event that somebody rings the doorbell or triggers the motion sensor. This device has infrared vision, and can record what happens in the dark and at night. You are able to see what is going on at your home in real time, when you have this device installed.
The ring Wi-Fi video enabled doorbell comes with an instructions manual, and a toolkit that can be used to install your device in a short, easy to follow steps. It works well with windows 10, Mac OS, android and iphone. It can run on its own internal battery or you can run it on a doorbell wiring system that you have already put in place. You get a “lifetime purchase protection”, when you purchase this product. This means that, your device will be replaced for free, when it gets stolen, or has a problem.

Video Sharing

Ring offers you free 30 days cloud storage of your videos, and charges about $3 a month for continued storage of your videos. You can share the recorded ring videos with friends, family and with your neighbors. You can also share videos on social media or upload them to your YouTube channel. When you record a troubling video from your device, you can share it with the ring support team for the needed help. Share an interesting video with the ring media team. They will “give you a year’s worth of Ring Protect Plan for free!” That is, if your video is used by them in an advertisement.

Cons of the product

There is a slight delay in reception of notification.
Much of the advantages enjoyed by owning this device, such as recording videos for later viewing or calling authorities when a crime is in progress, are only available with the ring protect plan.
The basic plan offers no professional monitoring, which means you have to monitor videos yourself.

Pros of the product

You get a free 30 days trial of the ring protect plan, which starts from the day you activate your product.
For as little as $3 a month or $30 a year, you get to keep you ring protect basic plan.
There are no contracts with any plan, so you can cancel anytime you choose.
The device can be connected to multiple smart phones and PCs at the same time.
You get alerts with or without a protection plan.
The Ring Protect Plus plan comes with 24/7 professional monitoring. You can add additional devices at no further cost.


The Ring Wi-Fi Video Enabled Doorbell is a security device that helps you communicate with someone at your door, record video, protect your family, protect your deliveries, and keep an eye on what is going on at your home. It comes with many useful features that help you protect your home night and day. These features make the device indispensable in the security of your home.

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