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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Convert Your Existing Website into a Lightning Fast Future Ready Mobile App in just a Single Click of a Mouse Button.
With PWA, you can create for your website an app that 1) installs in less than 5 minutes, 2) installs without visiting the app store, 3) can send pushed notifications, 4) works without internet connection, and 5) is always available.
You need absolutely no app store approval, and no technical knowhow to create your own app for your website.

Benefits of Using PWAs

1) PWAs make use of Advanced Cache Technology, which ensures that, even without internet connection, your app keeps working.
2) You will increase sales with PWAs, as they help reach the right people with the right message at the right time, through pushed notifications.
3) With pushed notifications, you will be able to send notifications instantly to all users of your app without any additional charges or any technical knowledge.
4) Load PWAs directly onto your Smartphone’s screen without the need for any download from the app store.
5) For every single update of your app, you can directly push the update to all the devices that have your app installed, without having to wait for app store’s approval.
6) This type of technology works independently of OS version, and is actually preferred by Google and Microsoft.
7) By using PWAs, you will prevent man-in-the-middle-attacks, and make sure that your content is not meddled with.
8) You will already be ahead of your competition in search engine results, if your website is PWA ready. This is because, PWAs are love by Google.
9) Open up the website and app instantaneously, regardless of your data carrier or device.

Turn Any Type of Website into a PWA

Websites such as Forums, Blogs, Vlogs, E-stores, Local Businesses, Schools, etc, can be turned into a PWA in these simple steps.
1) Simply enter the url of your website.
2) Upload to your website the files that have been generated for you.
That’s it. Your website is now a PWA, ready to be deployed to your website visitors.

Who will Find Progressive App Builder Useful?

Offline Businesses

Offline businesses can benefit immensely from PWAs. As an example, a shop, such as a barber’s or a florist’s, could profit from PWA builder by creating a well working mobile app for making reservations, or booking appointments. Quickly create a mobile app for them using PWA Builder, and their current website.
As Progressive Web Apps do not require submission to the App Store, before they can be installed on your visitor’s device, they will save you Google’s Play Store and Apple’s Annual Developer fees.


PWAs are perfect for Routine Events. You can create a website. Then have it converted into a Progressive Web App, and you’re all set. Have all your participants quickly install this App from your website, and they will be able to receive regular updates through pushed notifications.

Small Businesses

Most small businesses just need a simple mobile app that will allow them to be in touch with their customers. They usually have a non-dynamic website. So, their apps get rejected by the App Store, unless they create the whole app from scratch.
As their Current website can be simply converted into an App, small businesses can greatly benefit from PWAs. Their customers can enjoy the benefits of pushed notifications support on Android, and save on mobile storage space. They can directly install the app from the website in just two clicks, and start using it.

Shopify Stores

Owners of shopify stores are known to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads. Get more out of your Facebook ads by prompting visitors to your ads to install the app. Once they install your app, you can then engage and sell them more through pushed notifications (on Android).


It is very difficult to change a blog into an app. Also, if you try submitting such an app to the App Store, it will most likely get rejected.
PWAs are perfect in such a case. You will not only be able to bypass the App Store altogether, but, you will also be able to get app installs from the paid and the organic searches of your website. You could then make more money through pushed notifications.

Consultants and Agencies

As a consultant, you can easily sell your client a PWA. Convert the websites of clients who do not have an app into a PWA for a fee.


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