PLR – Lose Weight and Healthy Living!

PLR – Lose Weight and Healthy Living!

NEW! Done-For-You Resources on Changing Eating Habits!


Hi and welcome! Here’s an exciting new release that has been requested by many people.


Do you have followers who are struggling to lose weight and are practically fed-up with dieting?


Don’t you have any content on how to Change Eating Habits Permanently? Content like articles, eBooks, social media posts, etc?


Then, you will love this brand new done-for-you content: Changing Eating Habits 125-piece PLR Resource Pack.


This package contains 125 well-written articles, eBooks, infographics and social media posts. They cover the topic of how to change your eating habits. You can use this content in any way that you like.


You just need to add your own edits and changes. Add your branding and personal intro. Copy, paste or even upload to your website, social media platforms and/or email system, and tap publish.


It is important to post continuously, content filled with useful information, in order to foster good relationship with your customers and leads. But, coming up with ideas for topics, especially in the health niche, is usually more difficult.


Automate your relationship-building and content-creation process with this content package, so you can turn your attention to other tasks. More details can be found here.


Special discounts will be given out to all who make a purchase before 1st April 2019. So, check it out now.

What more can you expect from this package?


There are so many ways of using this ready-made content. As an example, you could add to a product or a weight lost program you already have, and which you sell, the new 36-Page eBook.


The Changing Eating Habits 125-piece PLR Resource Pack is a complete resource kit which your audience will find helpful in releasing weight, in overcoming subconscious overeating, and in living a healthier life.


Who needs this product?


This package is for all who have tried every weight loss diet out there, and are frustrated by their lack of results. You’ll get to share with your audience issues such as, 1) What Causes Bad Eating Habits? 2) Getting Motivated to Change 3) Why is My Diet Not Working?, etc.


As you probably already know, a majority of people who try to lose weight give up after just a few months of trying. While those who actually stick with it, find themselves returning to their old eating habits at some point or another, and put on weight all over again.


Teach your clients what they need to know to change their eating habits for life. Save them from all that heartbreak and frustration!

CLICK HERE to get your license to Changing Eating Habits PLR >>

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