Home Air Filters

What is Home Air Filtration?

Unwanted and/or harmful materials can pollute the air in your home. This makes the air unhealthy to breath. Air pollution indoors is among the top five environmental health risks. Usually, the ideal approach to addressing this risk, is to reduce or altogether remove the source of pollutants. You then ventilate your home with clean air from outside. Depending on the place your home is located or the season, the air outside may not be useful for ventilating your home. If this is the case, you may have to use an air cleaning device in your home to remove pollutants from the air.
Some air cleaning devices (aka air filters) are meant to be incorporated into a building’s central heating, ventilation and air -conditioning (HVAC) system to clean the air in the whole house. You can also clean air in specific areas of the house and in single rooms using portable air cleaners.


Home air filtration is the process of removing unwanted, irritating or harmful substances from the air in your home using an air cleaning device.

What are the benefits of home air filtration?

Using air filtration at home helps to reduce particles of dust, smoke, allergens, bacteria, unpleasant odor and pet dander in the air. This helps to improve the quality of air and promote healthy living.

What are the types of home air filtration devices?

There are many types of air cleaning devices on the market. They are normally categorized, based on how they work, into particle removal or gas removal air cleaning devices.
Particle removal air cleaners are further divided into mechanical air filters and electronic air filters. By trapping particles on filter media, mechanical air filters remove them from the air. On the other hand, electronic air filters electronically charge air that passes through them and then traps the charged particles on oppositely charged plates called collectors.
Gas removal air cleaners use a sorbent material to remove irritant or harmful gases and odors from the air. They are usually effective for removing a certain type of gases, but not others.



This page relies heavily on information present in EPA article EPA 402-F-08-004, may 2008. Refer to this article for additional information on Home Air Filters.

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