Cylance Smart Antivirus

Say Goodbye to Annoying and Outdated Protection!

No more endless pop-ups, system-slowing scans and misleading pricing. Say hello to Cylance Smart Antivirus. It works on both Windows and Mac OS. It downloads quickly for rapid protection. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cylance is the anti-annoying antivirus. It is distinctively powered by artificial intelligence to proactively prevent threats. Designed with you in mind, it is lightweight, and offers you worry-free protection.

It comes with Smart features not found in traditional antivirus.

Intelligently keep the whole family safe from threats. Smart and predictive, this AI-powered antivirus keeps your family safe by predicting threats ahead of time.

It is lightweight and super fast. Say goodbye to pop-ups and system slowdowns. Cylance is super fast. It has Low-performance impact on your computer, and also has no pesky pop-ups.

Effortless and Easy installation! Simply download and let the antivirus go to work for you. You will also not be disturbed with long and endless updates.

It comes with pricing that is transparent and easy to understand. Know exactly what to pay for protection, without fuzzy plans that will confuse you. Unlike other companies, your subscription is not auto-renewed with a higher price tag.

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