Cover Mockups Pro

Cover Mockups Pro

Are you an internet marketer? Do you need to sell digital products? Then, Cover Mockups Pro is what you need. It will help you create eye-catching, hard to resist, 3D product covers in just a few minutes.

People make or not make a purchase simply by looking at the design of a software box cover

When you sell virtual goods and services online like eBooks, software, apps, etc, it is essential for you to have beautifully designed eCovers for these goods.
Help your customers better perceive the value of your products by adding a 3D eCover to it. This will give your product a more professional look, and, help you stand out from your competition. It also helps with branding your products.
With Cover Mockups Pro, you can Create over a 100 different photo realistic 3D eCovers for your products in minutes. You will be able to make covers for your books, software boxes, binders, magazines, reports, DVDs, brochures, magazines, devices, and much more!



This app is very easy to use

In three simple steps you can turn a 2D design into a 3D design.
1) Click on the “smart layer” inside the template.
2) Copy and paste your 2D design into the “smart layer”.
3) Hit save, and the 2D design get’s converted into 3D automatically.

What are the Benefits of Using this App for your Business?

Cut Down On Designer Fees and Save Big

It is costly to hire someone to create a custom 3D eCover for you (about $25 to $100 per cover). This process is time consuming, require lots of revisions, and, can cost you a huge sum when multiple covers are involved. When you know how to create professional looking eCovers quickly yourself, you can save a lot of money and time.

Give your Product a More Valuable Look

Your customers will perceive your product as having more value when they see it in a nicely design cover. This will allow you to charge a higher price for your product.

Re-Brand PLR Products

If you buy PLR or White Label products, it is valuable for you to rebrand them. This is easily achieved by changing the graphics or eCovers. If you have your own eCover for the PLR content you buy, you will make it stand out from those of other resellers.
Cover Mockups Pro makes designing eCovers a breeze. This is a useful software anyone wishing to create magazines, reports, DVDs, etc. quickly, can use.


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