Close More Sales with Voicematic

Close More Sales with Voicematic

Voicematic, What It Is

Voicematic is an app that helps you with your follow up. It helps you automatically return calls (incoming, missed, or dropped). Use the world’s first AI voice autoresponder to consistently follow up with clients and prospects.
This app will help you to easily and quickly close more deals, and increase your profits. It uses a series of highly converting pre-set voice sequences to achieve this.

Product Features

Easily send messages to your leads and customers through a simple drag and drop calendar. Messages can be sent automatically, without even touching the telephone.
Quickly create Text-to-Speech Messages that convert highly, for use during sales promotions, holidays, etc.
Create your own messages with the Voicematic AI text-to-speech creator, or simply record your own mp3 audio and upload to create your messages.
Easily track the daily or the all time, total inbound, outbound and dropped calls made.
You get full Commercial Rights to help you make money through this app. You will be able to charge your clients a fee for creating a voice follow up campaign for them.
You can easily Manage Multiple Client Accounts within a user friendly Dashboard.

What benefits will I get through Voicematic?

1) Struggle Free Follow Ups.

Whether you are attending to a client, or you are making a call, or you are simply too busy to answer the phone, you will experience ease and peace of mind. Voicematic will act as your receptionist. It will automatically take care of business, whenever you are not available.

2) Easy and Newbie Friendly Voice Mail Setup.

Easily setup your voice mail without the need for technical knowledge, and without having to go through long and complicated steps. Mail setup is as simple as drag and drop.

3) Retain More Prospects.

Voicematic immediately answers the calls of your prospect. This helps you keep your prospects, and prevent you from losing them to your competitors, due to business or delay in answering their call.
4) Make Sales to Your Prospects While You are Away.
Voicematic keeps you from losing the money you spent on getting hot prospects to call you, while you were unavailable to make a sale. Never again miss a call from your prospect.


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