Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

One of the most popular ways for you to monetize your content online is through affiliate marketing. When you add an affiliate link to a merchant in your content, you get rewarded every time someone clicks on that link, and buys a product from the merchant.
Becoming an affiliate is very easy, and, can be very profitable if you start properly. That is why this article has been written – to help beginners make it in affiliate marketing.
You can easily join affiliate marketing on JVZoo and Warrior+. These are affiliate platforms (affiliate networks) that connect publishers with merchants. They help you find products from product creators to promote, without the need to create your own products. They also make receiving commissions for the products you promote much easier.
There are many more affiliate networks out there. Networks like ClickBank, MaxBounty, etc, provide even more products for you to promote. But they are usually limited to a few selected countries.

What to Do When You are Starting Out as an Affiliate
1) Don’t try to write about every available product. Start instead, by writing about the products that you know about. You can make huge commissions with your affiliate links, but, it takes time and careful selection of products. Make sure that you believe in the products you select, and that they fall into the same category as the content you produce. Your audiences will be more likely to be interested in these types of products.
When you begin to make money from the products you have chosen, you will then be able to expend on the type of products you promote.
2) Create High Quality Content on a Consistent Basis.
Produce regularly, content that is useful and will add value to your audience. This will keep them coming for more of your content, and the value your bring them.
Work out what will make your content unique, and will interest your audience. In addition, if you have collected data on how people interact with your content, analyze it to find trends that keep your audience engaged on your content, and, repeat these trends.
Here is the most difficult but very rewarding part. You have to take this content, and turn it into content that will make people want to buy a product you promote.
When you create your content around a product, place affiliate links in places that are easy to spot, and difficult to miss. To take care of different people with varying purchasing power, add a range of similar products with varying prices.
Your content will need to educate your audience about the product, and at the same time convince them to make a purchase.
3) Do On Page SEO and Share a lot
Think very carefully about on page SEO. This is very import when you begin to create content. The more your content ranks in search engine results, the greater the chances of driving organic traffic to your content, which increases the chances of selling an affiliate product. When your content is targeted at a specific audience, you can usually use certain keywords that are unique to that type of audience. Search engines love this, as it tells them how relevant your content is in relation to what is being searched for. Create content around these keywords, and you are more likely to reach your targeted audience.
Apart from on page SEO, you can also do off page SEO, which includes sharing you content on social media, getting backlinks to your content, sending out emails to your subscribers, etc. People will want to get advice on items they want to buy. They will want to do this on platforms they are comfortable using. Unfortunately, this is not always the search engine. So, share your content widely to reach people on other platforms.
4) Be trustworthy
Trust is necessary for success in affiliate marketing. Your audiences want to know you are making an honest recommendation of the product. If you are being less than honest, you will destroy their trust in you. You will lose that and future sales.
Keep in mind these things when you recommend a product.
a) Would you buy this product yourself (if you were not trying to make a commission)?
b) Do you like the brand, and products from this brand?
c) Ideally, test out the product and make sure it fits the purpose for which you are recommending it.
d) Do you believe in the product enough to enthusiastically write about it in the content you create? If you recommend products of better quality, your audience will come to trust you as the go to source for information on what to buy, and will buy more often through your affiliate links.
As you become more familiar with affiliate marketing, you will gain better insights to help you earn more commission. Products which have a higher commission rate, and which also have a greater chance of being sold to your audience, will make you the most money.

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